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John Florence Limited
Paediatric Orthotic Centre
Foundry Lane
East Sussex

Registered in England No.1020983
V.A.T. Registered No.222 835085

Benefits for NHS Trust/Customers using our specialist service

Our unique integrated paediatric only service provides your NHS patients with a company that has a wider understanding and unrivalled experience for providing a specialised, extensive paediatric orthotic service than any of our competitors.

Orthotist's are fully in control of the orthoses prescribed and can offer a prompt,"get it right first time" policy with a one or two week supply strategy. This policy can and in many cases does eliminate the need for seeing the patient a second time for fitting, leading to reduced clinic lists.

Our fully trained orthotists rectify their own patient casts and are fully conversant with manufacturing techniques and have on-going practical experience in the manufacture of orthoses. This, combined with them working closely together, with our highly experienced, well motivated, fully trained and professional technicians and administrative staff, (who themselves have a high duty of care and understanding of the patients needs), leads to a high quality and fully integrated product.

All technicians and administrative staff are highly skilled in their own fields and have extensive knowledge of other departments and stages of manufacture. A high level of inter-departmental liaison helps to create unique products for unique children.

Patients can attend our purpose built Paediatric Centre for fast referral and manufacturing, including "while U wait" service, second to none, for alterations, repairs and advice.

Service and manufacture prices are combined on individual specifications and invoices, negating the requirement for ‘locked in’ lengthy 3-4 hour sessional contracts.

No disputes and extra costs to trusts over ‘mistakes’ as all orthotists are responsible for design, manufacture and fitting. Rectifications, alterations and adjustments can be speedily and reliably processed to the satisfaction of all parties.

Cost effectiveness to trusts, due to efficient supply and a ‘get it right first time’ policy, leading to extended patient usage and compliance, with minimum clinical outpatient appointments.

Quality is further enhanced by the companies ISO 9001:2008 certification which uniquely integrates the role of the orthotist within its quality manuals and procedures.

Confidence and satisfaction of the hospitals multi-disciplinary team is the result when using highly professional, innovative and problem solving orthotists. We consistently provide, ‘best possible service and product’ to the patients. Couple this with the result of providing unique custom solutions and products to the most complex disabilities and requirements also leads to very high patient and carer satisfaction.
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